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Foundlings - Babies Without Names

Thank you adding me! I wanted to see if anyone here can advise me on what to do next, based on the following information:

I'm an experienced genealogist and DNA researcher, and I am a member of DNAAdoption,com I've been seeking the identities of my mother's (she is deceased) birth parents for over 40 years. I believe that she was a foundling, and I know for certain that she was adopted at age 1 in Elkhart, IN in 1932.

I knew her adoptive parents (also deceased) very well, but nobody was willing to discuss mom's biological family, ever!

Through DNA triangulation, I have discovered 3 of her great-biological grandparents (all deceased of course), and I've contacted their living descendants who are too far removed from 1932 to know have info about mom's birth parents.

Given that I've exhausted all documentary records sources within Indiana Courts, Libraries, Newspapers, Adoption Agencies, and Vital Records departments, is my only remaining option to wait for other peoples DNA results to come in, and hope for a close match?

...Thank you for hearing me out.

...Dr.Frank "Mike" Davis in Ohio.
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