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of the Privacy Foundation. "It’s considered to be a safe file format." Smith posted news of the virus to the Bugtraq security mailing list Tuesday. It’s clear that if Adobe modified future versions of Reader so that it could read attachments embedded in PDF files, the program could fall victim to Peachy’s descendents. Rosenbaum said that while it’s possible Adobe might add attachment handling capability in future editions of Acrobat Reader, cheap Michael Kors the company has no immediate plans to do so. Smith said he believes Acrobat Reader software could prove susceptible in any case. Indeed, the Computer Emergency Response Team posted news of a vulnerability in the Windows version of Acrobat in November 2000 that could let an outside attacker gain control over the computer of a person who simply viewed a PDF file. Adobe patched that hole. Adobe said any popular software becomes a target for security attacks and Acrobat has crossed that threshold. Peachy is named after a small game in a PDF file that involves finding
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